OhioHealth Endocrinology Physicians

Located in: Mansfield

Referring Physicians

If your patient’s endocrine condition has been evaluated and fails to respond to primary conservative treatment, Dr. Dorsey is a highly-skilled and experienced physician who may be able to help.

  • We do request a referral from another physician before scheduling an appointment with our practice.
  • The referring physician’s staff may call our office at (419) 522.2734 to make the referral.
  • Please fax to us the labs or testing verifying the referral diagnosis.
  • The patient’s testing or labs are then reviewed by Dr. Dorsey, and the referring physician and patient will be called with an appointment time.

Patients are responsible to make sure that Dr. Dorsey is covered on their health insurance plans. If the health insurance plan requires a referral form, we will complete the specialty referral paperwork.